Our studio, located in the heart of Terenure, is a warm, beautiful and intimate space with a family atmosphere. It is a positive and empowering place where you are encouraged and led to be the best, strongest version of yourself in all aspects. That means that we are not just getting you physically strong, we are using that as an analogy to show how strong you can be in all aspects of your life - physical, social, emotional, mental - we really approach this as a lifestyle because if anything is off balance it affects everything. So, as a member here you are part of a family, tribe - whatever you like to call it, it feels like a second home and a place you look forward to coming to. The studio itself has no gimmicks, no quick fixes and no dishonesty in any aspect. Here you will find everything that works and we will coach you in everything you need to fix your weak points and solidify your strong points. Everybody here, absolutely everybody gets treated as special as they are - this means that we are all different and are trained accordingly. This is the beauty of the place, we are not a one-size-fits-all gym. Not by a long shot. Get in touch, tell us your story and see where we can take you.