B.A.B.S at AM Fitness

Are you a new Mum living near Terenure?

We have been running a very successful Mum & Baby Fitness class since 2017 (around about the time I became a new parent and realised how difficult is all is)

Small group, intimate, personal training designed specifically for new mums.


Becoming a parent (My beautiful daughter, Lucy, is 2 years old now) has made me want to help other new parents with things that my partner and I found challenging.


We have just 8 places available for new mums like you.

Contact us here for a free call and to book a free trial class *
Contact us here for a free call and to book a free trial class
  • If you are in need of support, and the company of other young mums

  • To feel the freedom of being out of the house in the mornings, at a time that makes life easy. Not too early, not taking up your day either

  • To help structure your day (and keep your sanity)

  • To know that you are getting 100% attention on your program to getting your whole body stronger and you feeling better(and blowing off some steam)

  • If you are available to try our dedicated class with no obligation

  • Or if you know a new mum who will benefit from training 3 times per week(Mon-Wed-Fri) for just an hour

Fill in the contact form above and expect a call from me, Andy

Class is limited to just 8 Mums so please contact now if you are a mum who wants to get stronger, fitter and feel better.

We’re fully Pre + Post Natal Qualified and more importantly we are actually experienced in being a parent, as well as being in tune with how being a new mum is

The icing on the cake is actually our full coffee bar serving 3fe coffee

There’s time to change a nappy, feed, have a little moan about getting no sleep and still be able to get your workout in, as well as grab a pick-me-up coffee!

We will always modify your workout based off your sleep and stress levels, so you can turn up and know you're really getting the right help

You’ll love the other mums and most likely make a proper friend or 2!

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If you're looking to get healthy as can be while planning for a baby?

As active, young parents who have gone through it already, we are in the best position to help. We know the frustrations of busy lives, and what stress does to a body. We've created an atmosphere here that promotes wellbeing, the balance of work, rest and play... and being in tune with each individual member. Getting the most out of your training is not always going 100% - sometimes it takes a chat, it takes reduction and some lifestyle awareness so that you're getting the most QUALITY, not mindless quantity.


If you're currently pregnant and want to make your pregancy and labour easier

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing times in life. It presents huge challenges, as any big change does - and having a fitness regime, good company + support go along way to making the journey easier and more fun. Maintaining a good mood, your identity and strength, as well as optimising your health are all great reasons to train while pregnant. Even if you've never trained before. It's nice to know you're in safe hands. That's possibly the most important thing, isn't it?!


if you're lucky enough to have become a parent, and want to get back in shape - and all that comes with it...

We've created BABS Class, which is exactly what every new mum needs

Small group
Highly Personal
Baby comes with you

Contact us now and we'll give you a call


If you are...

- Looking to get healthy before planning to have a child

- Want a nurturing approach to training while pregnant

- Looking to train with your baby in the same room

Get in touch below and we'll give you a call

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