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Are you...

Looking to optimize performance?
Reduce risk of injury for the rest of your life?
Make life easier day to day
Wake up feeling bouncy, light & brand new?

Semi-Private Course Starting November 29th 6pm - €27 per week


Anyone who has tightness or restriction in any of the following, or has general movement quality they wish to enhance.

  • Feet
  • Ankles
  • Calfs
  • Hamstrings
  • Hips, front and back
  • Lower, Middle & Upper Back
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Wrists/Forearms


It is not a training session, per sé. Equally it is not a class where you are just stretching passively and relaxed for an hour.

We spend our warm up moving lightly and assessing your range of motion, we use some joint mobility reconnection work specific to the day's targeted areas and once that's done we go into our deep partnered stretches.

We move slowly into where your nervous system starts to feel change and make haste slowly deeper into the stretch.

We take ownership over our new range with some breathwork and then reassess how we feel after the stretching.

Each session we build on your individual feedback and adjust accordingly to get the very best for you!

This might be a bold statement from a strength coach but it has to be said that Not Everyone Needs To Get Stronger!

If someone has Tightness, Unresolved Restrictions and Limited Range of Motion preventing them from living/moving/training to their potential...

Strength isn't the issue and shouldn't be the priority.

Working closely with people daily here we get to see it all.
We have helped people with hobbies and passions ranging from triathlons to drumming and golfing to dance... and those who just want to feel great.

Over years of experience learning with and from some of the world's best strength coaches, mobility experts and leading therapists has left us with no doubt that for a significant percentage of people it takes some highly targeted mobility work to improve the person's quality of life.

An improved quality of life to us means;
Waking up feeling alive and enthusiastic
Feeling connected and free
Improving performance in all areas of life: Physical, Social, Emotional
Reduced risk of injury

The Physical Freedom Project was borne out of the want to show people how much can change in the space of an hour, and how much change keep changing for the better with some consistency and the know-how.

It's a chance for us to not only rid your of the tightness holding you back but to also educate you in the process.

Our Positive Symbiosis Approach means we are not just looking at muscles, but also at the functionality of each joint.
We look at the big picture and isolate with the whole body in mind.

Our Stretches are demanding but liberating, to say the least.
Our Joint Mobility and Range of Motion work is quite simply some of the best 'Moving Meditation' you can do.

Hips feel better than they have in ages. No pain today, just more freedom of movement. All I keep thinking is: if I keep doing more of this how good will my run become. I had started to seize after a long season and I’m finally feeling like I might have something left.
— Conal. Triathlete