We have a brain for one reason and one reason only — and that’s to produce adaptable and complex movements
— Daniel Wolpert, neuroscientist.

Bridging the realm of self-expression with the universe of strength training, Move & Flow classes invite you to explore different patterns and movements and follow a unique and structured approach to integrate them, use them in your own training and be able to improvise with them. We will cover elements from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, from Circus to Capoeira, through Contemporary Dance and Gymnastics.

The Goal:

 Being able to play with partner(s) and flow on your own using a growing movement terminology.

The Method:

Because we don’t believe in the typical dance class approach, we use a variety of progressions to help you ingrain the movements in your own body, whatever your level, and, little by little, find your own style.
Here, sustainability is key: each class focuses on some prehabilitation work to strengthen the relevant muscles and joints, so that you grow a stronger, looser and freer version of yourself, week after week.
Each movement is drilled down and its complexity adjusted to every individual so that everybody can play and improve.


... a time for Improvisation and Play is always dedicated at the end of each class, for you to use your new movement terminology, invent your own tricks, enjoy some human connection, explore your creativity and have a good craic.


Classes are 90 MINUTES & are held every Tuesday (6:30AM), Wednesday (8pm) & Saturday (1pm).
We have 6-week terms that focus on a couple of specific topics every time.
drop-in CLASSES are always AVAILABLE TOO.


6 week-term - 1 class a week: €85 (€14.5/class)
6 week-term - 2 classes a week: €150 (€12.5/class)
Drop-in: €17/class

AM Fitness members
6 week-term - 1 class a week: €75 (€12.5/class)
6 week-term - 2 classes a week: €130 (less than €11/class)
DROP-IN: €15

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