Every single day, we help people like you get Stronger, Fitter & Healthier with Movement
We make that process the most enjoyable hour of your day
And if you think reaching your goals is hard work... you're right
But it's easy to work hard when you have an environment like this

Here's how we do it (along with other perks)
Read on...

What do you get with Membership at AM Fitness?

  • Initial Free Trial Class/Consultation - You can Book that here (more info below)
  • Choose Any 4 Small Group Personal Coaching sessions per week
  • 0ver 108 sessions per month to choose from. 6 days a week
  • Classes from 6.30am all the way through to 8pm - Timetable below
  • Four Coaches who specialise in helping you move efficiently, effectively & progressively to your targets
  • Strength - Mobility - Conditioning - Movement
  • We will guide you through which times to choose, based on your goals, and evolve as you evolve
  • Using our app makes it quick & easy to book, and keeps our group small to maintain the highest quality
  • Fully Flexible Timetable for busy people, like you
  • Number of attendees is capped to keep every session Small Group Personal Coaching
  • Our whole coaching system is based on Beginners & Improvers - be confident that you are ready to start, because you are literally the person we are here to serve
  • We PRIORITIZE, without prejudice, keeping the absolute best environment to train in. Both socially and in terms of cleanliness, tidiness and design. We are a People First studio, and your happiness is important to us. You will also be a part of keeping that good vibe flowing as a member.
  • Your own FCS Training Manual
  • Your own Nutrition Manual designed in collaboration with The Fit Clinic + 10% off The Fit Clinic
  • Free parking in Terenure for members, right outside our door in Brady's Pub Car Park
  • Discounted offers on any workshop and events
  • We serve 3fe Coffee, made to perfection in our cafe (How awesome!)
  • We have filtered water for all members
  • We have a shower facility
  • We have so many intangible benefits we couldn't possibly list... you'd have to be here to feel that bit 
  • Turn Up
  • Enjoy the atmosphere
  • Communicate Well
  • Work Hard
  • Have Fun

FLUX PLUS Membership

€148 per month

Recommended for those who can train 3/4 times per week and want to benefit from sticking to one particular way of training OR benefit from the diversity of class choice each week


€108 per month
Mum & Baby Semi-Private Personal Training
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11.30am
Train up to 3 times but just pay for 2 (We are parents, we understand)
Please contact below to enquire


Contact below to enquire

Frequently Asked Questions

We have taken the time to consult the National Consumer Authority when designing our membership agreement. The following is a list of important information and frequently asked questions to save you some time deciding if we are the gym for you.

Can I visit a gym before becoming a member?

You can of course. You can contact us quickly using the form above above to organize a private one to one viewing or consultation free of charge and from there we can talk you through your options and put together a plan for you based on your own needs, concerns, goals and lifestyle. As a private members club we pride ourselves on treating each person with the highest level of detail and attention. We also encourage you to talk to our members about their experience here; this will give you instant, honest opinions and perhaps someone you can identify with.

What is included in the membership fee?

Your membership investment entitles you to come to any class time you choose, for the amount of times per week you have signed up for. Our FLUX PLUS  membership, for instance, means you can choose 3 FCS times per week to train plus 1 conditioning, mobility or skill class. We will of course advise you to attend classes that are aimed towards your goals and preference, but the choice will always be yours. Personal training, specialized courses and retail products are available at additional costs and traditionally are discounted favourably for members.

How do I pay for my gym membership?

We use stripe for safe membership payments. Once you have trialled the studio and we have talked then we will use your credit card details to safely register you, and payment will be automated weekly or monthly - whichever is your preference.


We offer €30 off our FLUX PLUS membership for couples. Our Specialty classes, Workshops & Talks are favourably discounted for members, too.

How can I work out the cost of joining a gym?

Ask yourself how many times a week you are going to visit the gym and divide that by the monthly cost. There are no negative costs to making health and fitness part of your lifestyle. Don't forget to factor in all the benefits of membership! You control the value of your gym membership, we make sure you enjoy it. To only think of money when joining a gym like ours would be a mistake; our gym has earned a reputation for having one of the most encouraging and enjoyable means to your goals. Quite simply, in our humble opinion, it is impossible to put a price on your daily happiness, stress levels, confidence, freedom, relationships and mental health. We strongly advise you to make sure that wherever you join, your needs are being met.

How long is the contract for?

Initial sign up is a 12 week commitment - not upfront; we use monthly direct debit through our app - with just a 2 week written cancellation policy thereafter. Please see below regarding cancellation notice to avoid confusion over joining on a monthly contract. Please make sure to understand your terms of joining BEFORE signing up, this helps to have a smooth sailing relationship where everyone is happy and on the same page.

do i have to pay for parking?

Parking is free for all of our members and is right outside our door. As handy as can be. There are poles to lock your bicycle outside too.

Do I have to give notice to cancel?

Yes, as above: Initial sign up is a 3 month commitment with just a 2 week written cancellation policy thereafter. Cancellations should be emailed to andy@amfitness.ie subject title cancellation. Your cancellation is taken from the date of email, any time after week 10 (making your 12 week commitment complete). We cannot legislate for sickness, holidays, injury caused outside of the studio and so forth. However your communication with us is important, and we are human,.. so special consideration will be given to special circumstances. In a business built around people, we put people very much first. As a family business, though, we also need to prioritise structure. So your 2 week notice allows us to function smoothly, and therefore is greatly appreciated.

What action can a gym take if I miss a payment?

Approaches may vary from club to club. Consumers should be aware that cancelling a direct debit linked to a minimum membership period, does not cancel any debt that may exist between the gym and the consumer. Remember gyms may be within their rights to follow up on missed payments, as the signed contract agreement is a legally binding document.When you cancel a gym membership and if you have been paying by monthly installments, you should check your bank/credit card statements to ensure that subscriptions have ceased. Remember it is your responsibility to check your statements.

Understanding the wording of the membership agreement

There is no hidden small print in our agreement.  As a result, the agreement is very clear and unambiguous. You do not need legal advice to understand the terms and conditions. Take time to read the contract through, so that you fully understand what the club expects of you and what you can expect of the gym. If you do not understand any of the conditions, or if the meaning of the term is unclear, ask questions and get your answers before signing. That way you will be more likely to not only get fit but also know you are getting a fair deal!

What if Gyms say they are not liable for injury claims?

Under the provisions of the European Communities (Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts) Regulations 1995, a clause is considered potentially unfair if it states that the supplier is not responsible for death or personal injury to the consumer "resulting from an act or omission of that supplier".
You should bring this to the attention of the gym owner/manager.


If you have a disagreement with the gym in relation to the services, you should first try and resolve the matter by directly approaching the gym owner/manager. It is advisable to keep copies of all correspondence. In the event that the dispute cannot be resolved, it is open to you, to refer the issue to the Small Claims Court at www.courts.ie. Claims involving amounts up to €2,000 may be processed through this procedure at a cost of approx €15.

And finally...

Whatever gym you are considering joining we recommend that you take the opportunity to speak to its existing members and find out if they are satisfied with the service the gym provides. Be aware of potentially unfair terms. Ask the questions recommended by the NCA set out above and satisfy yourself that their agreement meets your requirements. No matter where you choose, we believe that everyone should make health and fitness part of their lifestyle.