The Highlight of our year...

was when we ran a survey for our members to give us feedback

It was short

It was anonymous to ensure 100% honesty

It was amazingly valuable

We only asked 5 short questions. And although we were more enthusiastic about the questions asking 'What could we do better?' - as these are the best way for us to continue improving, based of actual feedback and not just our natural drive to always make things more efficient, more effective and a premier experience each time - we were really taken aback by the response to the question

'What do you like most about AM Fitness?'

Before sharing word-for-word what everyone wrote, I want to say why it was so amazing to me

We have, from the very beginning, known how important your environment is.

Community seems to be a buzzword for fitness marketers now, but I first learned about environment back in 1996 when I was playing basketball in North Carolina. (There's a major difference between marketing, and telling your actual story)

There were actually two things that stuck with me from that period

1. Communication is the defining element of any team

2. Your Environment shapes you

To think that I have built a business on those two principles a few decades later proves how much it resonated, but anyway...

People have always been the focus here.
The member experience has always been the priority

Change happens where a safe space is created,

so a safe space is what I made


We all know that you're effectively the average of the  five people you spend the most time with, and I believe you're the average of the three places you spend your time (Home, Work... and the other)

So to receive the following feedback reminded me that we are doing uniquely good work here and making the first step the best it can be for people, and the rest of their steps a pleasure to take

'What do you like most about AM Fitness?'

The warm and close-knit atmosphere, and the sound holistic approach to training.

Community: craic during the classes and people genuine interest other peoples lives outside of the four walls.

Training: Huge effort is made on focusing on correct form, safe progress and recovery.

Comfortable, friendly, fun environment to train in

Varied workouts, focus on skill and movement and not weight loss. All different types of people with different goals

The craic the variety of drills the knowledge

The atmosphere that Andy creates, his attention and care.

The variety of exercise in the classes and the friendly atmosphere.

Makes me feel good and puts a smile on my face :)

10am crew, Andy, music, programs and lack of dickheads

The sense of belonging and support

The craic and the excellent programming

The Space - great feeling of ease/warmth/home when I see it coming through the door

atmosphere. very friendly gym

Coach Andy

The people - coaches & members. The variety of classes. The sense of fun.

Positive experience

Atmosphere, people

The focus on movement

Feeling better when I leave than when I went in and the coaches' knowledge

Andy and the attention to steady progression and skilled based exercises

Morning Classes that get me Accountable and Motivated to get in and Train start the day Strong, classes are well structured and involve proper range of motion in exercises and I feel good after the classes

The community & the hugs. The structure has improved and I'm loving it.

Makes me feel good - mostly

The community and welcoming feel

The informal atmosphere and the attention to (physical) detail

It's a very inclusive, friendly place!

having other people to train with that are at similar levels and they help you along the way

the personal attention you get to help you achieve your own individual goals

Mondays class of squats and conditioning


Structure behind the fluffiness

Sense of community. Lovely people. Having fun. Laughing and playing.

Small classes sizes. Individually tailored personal training, and of course the friendly atmosphere.

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Strength, Mobility, Conditioning, Movement are all things we specialise in, but it starts with the person

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