Training and Nutrition around Menstrual cycle
workshop + q&a Monday 23rd - 8pm Terenure


'I had absolutely no idea how much my period impacted my training and energy levels. I knew I felt a bit sh!tty just before it and obviously during, but that the whole month can be taken into account and eating the right thing at the right time along with the type of training you do will make all the difference...
It left me wanting to know more.'

Helen, 35, Sandyford


Are you left frustrated with your performance, how you look or how you feel at certain times of the month?

Left confused or unsure as to why it's not always at the time you would think it should be?

Our Fitness + Nutrition Coach, Owner of Fit Mná, Martina Dunne recently gave a talk on Instagram about Training and Nutrition around your Menstrual Cycle.

There was an amazing response from those who tuned in, so much so that for those who missed out we felt the need to put on a workshop.
It's Monday 23rd - 8pm


Martina is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified, Fully Certified Personal Trainer, who specialises in empowering women with Fit Mná

In this workshop Martina will expertly teach you things you had no idea had an impact.

  • You'll come away with a crystal clear picture on why you're feeling different at different times and, most importantly...

  • What you can do about it!

  • How to optimise that timeframe to feel the best, and to know that you're doing what's best!

  • What your hormones are doing at different times during your cycle

  • How your cycle affects your mood, appetite, energy, strength + mobility

  • How your insulin response changes, dictating when is a great time to eat carbs and when you should limit your carb intake for the best effect

  • The best type of training structure for your own goals

  • Q+A throughout the 60-90 min talk, so that you get everything you want to know

'I didn't realise that my menstrual cycle could affect my training so much. Since working with Martina I'm mindful of these natural changes, and we structure my training to help capitalise on them.

Niamh, 29, Ranelagh

Instagram conversation with the brilliant Mairead
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