What does it take to

Become a Mover

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All you need is a body and a space to move. Good teachers and a solid community are pretty important, too. You'll need to work hard. But mostly, if you just start then you're moving.


Even though Movement is subjective, when people talk about 'Doing Movement' they typically mean that they are looking for more than standard fitness. Handstands pop up, Floorwork is a must, Gymnastic Rings are a staple and overall just having a multidirectional, broad-ranging viewpoint on the human body is a good thing. Actually, there is very often a want to understand one's own body as a means to overcoming pain or trauma - that is where movement beats fitness as a standpoint.
We have spent years - and continue to - travelling all over to learn from the world's best teachers, all in order to progress and solidify our own methods. We are uniquely ourselves, and we encourage you to be yourself with your practice. Not different. Not unique. Your Self.



We have a diverse timetable that ticks a lot of boxes for a Movement Practice. We have specialist coaches in Handstands, Floorwork and Flexibility, as well as Gymnastic Strength Training and typical Strength+Conditioning.
We are heavily invested in people and how they[body and mind] work, so sometimes the best value is in the conversations - better questions leading to better self understanding.
Simply put, if you want to perfect your Handstand, Flow like water, Be strong like bull (lol) and bend every direction, choose this!