I’ve had 3 knee operations, 2 arthroscopies (one each knee) and a full ACL reconstruction, 2 tendons removed from my hamstring replaced as my new ACL and a whole list of hamstring tears, ankle sprains etc. My left knee was completely destroyed, MRI showed bone hitting bone, zero cartilage left, quad and hamstring atrophied. I still have the pictures.

I wanted to be free, I was sick of not being able to move properly and constantly feeling tight
— Anthony

The Journey Begins...

Nearly 2 years ago I walked in the doors of AM Fitness and first met Andy Myers, who is the Owner and Movement Coach.  I instantly loved the place and the atmosphere.  Little did I know just how much it would change my direction, or, as I’ve been told by Andy since, awaken what was already inside me.  

At the time I was studying to become an Irish sign language interpreter and trained calisthenics purely as a hobby so had strength but lacked the correct technique.  Having spent only 5 minutes there I realised there’s much more depth to having control over your body.  It sparked a deeper interest in me.  At the time I could only make it to Terenure once  a week on Saturday mornings, it became apparent that this wasn’t enough for me.  I’ve now moved house twice to be closer to the studio (seriously!), which I now consider my second home.  I'd no idea that this was going to be the start of my unofficial internship in AM Fitness, Andy as my mentor and the start of a lifelong friendship.  I’ve a lot to thank Andy for, he opened the door for me to a world I’d been searching for, a world not just about movement but one where we should all do what we love.  Movement is a huge part of the picture for me, it unearthed my passion for the human body, why it works the way it does, in particular why so many of us have mobility restrictions and movement limitations.  That was me, mobility restrictions to beat the band and movement limitations galore.  

Having moved I was a regular at AM Fitness where Andy shared a lot of what he’d learned from his own respective mentors, Tony Riddle and Ben Medder, and a lot of what he learned from Ido Portal 2 years ago. 

Andy talked a lot about Tony, his philosophies and how much power the human foot really had. I was intrigued.  I felt compelled to meet this man.  Luckily I got the opportunity to head over to London to the Gloves Club (where I lost my overhead squat virginity) for a “Fundamentals of Human Movement” workshop with Tony and Ben.  Eye opener is an understatement.  I could see why Andy spoke so highly of these guys and why they continue to influence from across the water.  I took so much from meeting Tony and Ben - in fact, spending that weekend with them still impacts what I do today.  

Andy’s watchful eye was always there as a guide and for advice, however, sometimes the best thing for a coach to do is to let the student figure it out himself, talking for the sake of talking would be a mistake.  So Andy allowed me free licence to explore my movement and thoughts in his studio, which ultimately allowed me to grow my knowledge and ability to teach.  The journey took a step up when myself, Andy and our French brother Vincent (one of the most naturally gifted movers I’ve seen) spent a week on the Isle of White at Tony’s ‘Return to Bare Basics’ retreat.  Writing wouldn’t do that experience justice, it was one of the best weeks away I’ve ever had.  This video will give you an insight to why Andy has created AM Fitness in the way he has.  It’s so much more than a place people come to train in, it’s home.

So! I decided it was time to stop chasing pain and find the cause. I completely stopped foam rolling and doing the banded distractions. I now rarely ever use a foam roller, it gets more use as a head cushion than for myofascial release and I move better now than I ever thought I’d be capable of.
                                                                  This is a joke by the way.  We managed to get a few more bands in there and a kettle bell.

                                                                This is a joke by the way.  We managed to get a few more bands in there and a kettle bell.


I think foam rollers have benefits for loosening up and assisting in getting into position for lifting but for improving mobility long term I now realised there are far better ways.  For the adults among us who weren’t child gymnasts or ballerina’s there’s less access to great mobility and quick fixes.  Thankfully there are people out there like Emmet Louis who are willing to share the process.

So where do I come in as a Movement Therapist/Coach at AM Fitness.  Well,  I’ve been through the whole process, tested and retested literally everything on myself and I wouldn’t wish anyone to have to go through the same thing.  My experience has given me a massive passion for helping and also gave me an eye for spotting people’s problems.  I literally watch people move in the street and can see bad posture, hiked hips, one shoulder lower than the other, fear of movement… to what is now a trained eye, I can see so much.  It’s everywhere!  It’s a lonely journey and I’d like to change that.

The aim here at AM Fitness is to restore Freedom, Confidence and Happiness to every person.  We do this through Movement, Communication, Support, and a big picture understanding that is much deeper than sets and reps.  We aren’t bound by specialisation, and that’s what makes us different.


So here’s to the next chapter in my life - You can find me here as a Movement Coach and as a Movement Therapist.

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin" Anthony Robbins.





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