The 80/20 Package


Working in Terenure? We want to make life easier for you with our 80/20 Package

With our studio being in the heart of Terenure, and with free parking, we are just a 2 minute walk away from all local business

This gives you the opportunity to train at lunch, or after work and remove any excess hassle.

Why 80/20?

80% of the results from 20% of the time spent


That's not the only 20! We are offering a big 20% lifetime discount for local employers, to help promote a healthy workforce, both physically and mentally

Terenure is having a great growth spurt now, the place is becoming more vibrant and we want to spearhead that feeling.

With classes 6 days a week, expert & professionally informal personal training in small group classes, you are guaranteed success

increased performance

Getting stronger and feeling stronger are both fundamental to our day-to-day happiness, energy and enthusiasm.

Our unique combination of training methods capitalises on not just getting strong enough to lift a weight., but on being able to use your body - empowering yourself, becoming less prone to injury, and enjoying a much better quality of life

Strength, Mobility & Movement


Having time away from work, from family, from everything means that work and family benefit from you being less stressed, having blown off some steam, and having time to NOT have to think, but to be present in what you are doing.

Taking travel out of the equation leaves you time to enjoy training and still have time for breakfast, for lunch... and have the evening at home.

Plenty of our members save even more time by training before work, beating the traffic and saving up to 2 hours a day doing so



Movement is where strength meets mobility.

The end goal is to have a capable body that can spring out of bed, enjoy the whole day without feeling any restrictions, play sports, train, play with your kids without feeling old... and so on.

Movement is life

So Movement is the goal

Beyond benefiting in work, your whole quality of life will improve by training just 3 days per week