Ireland's ORIGINAL movement studio

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Ireland's ORIGINAL movement studio

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Welcome to AM Fitness
Dublin's own Movement Studio in Terenure, Dublin 6w

AM Fitness is a unique, yet inclusive, community of people just like you - training, moving and improving their quality of life in a place we all call home

We have curated an intimate space for Small Group Personal Coaching in Terenure

Specializing in Movement means we cater to people of all ages & backgrounds in their pursuit of a process and progress

You are treated like gold at our Movement Studio in Terenure, because we individualize Strength, Mobility, Conditioning - summarized as Movement - purely for you, to get you what you want

Our Flux Coaching System enables you to benefit from Personal Coaching at a price that gives you the freedom to do what you want outside of the gym

You are not joining a commercial gym, nor are you paying for fancy equipment

You're joining a Community of like-minded people, and investing in the Personal Professional Coaching in our unique Small Group Flux Coaching System

We are unique

So are you

The service you are getting is Professionally Informal

We make it our business to know you as well as we can, so that you get the absolute best changes and progress specific to you

If you're ready to have your perception of what a gym is changed, then get in touch

...because you're not too beginner, you are ready, and whatever you want isn't gonna happen by itself.

Professional help

Process + Results

Expressly and Especially for you

Meet The Team

Our recommended physio is a gentleman by the name of Anthony Claffey.

His practice is based in Northbrook Clinic, Ranelagh, and you can get in touch with him at or click the picture below.

In our view, if you are considering joining us at AM Fitness, but have existing injuries, we will send you Anthony's way.

He is unique, and brilliant.